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Below you can see the books that I have written as well as some other products relating to my writing!

Most books are available in both physical and Kindle editions and to make it easy for you, all of the ‘Buy Now’ buttons will take you to the direct book page on Amazon.

Heroes of World War I

Heroes of World War 1 (2016)

Fourteen Heroes – One book.

In 1914 they were accountants, shopkeepers and labourers. When they were called to arms they became soldiers, sailors and airmen, fighting in the mud of the trenches, navigating the high seas or flying in the very first aerial war. Miles from their homes and families, they were pushed to their very limits and forever changed by what they experienced. Not all of them came back again.

Heroes of World War I is my attempt to tell the long-forgotten stories of fourteen brave men who rallied for their country. The voice of the ordinary soldier is often overlooked by histories of the First World War, this book is my ribute to them.

Infographic postcard pack - front cover

WW1 Battle Infographic Postcard set (2015)

Using infographics, facts, stats and first hand accounts, these unique postcards provide a perfect overview of some of the most brutal and destructive battles of the First World War. The postcards are perfect learning aid for children.

WW2 A Layman's Guide Book Cover

ww2: A Layman's Guide (2016)

Want to know about the Second World War but don’t want to read thousands of pages? Want to know the facts and discover the why/who/what/when of WW2 without being bored rigid? You have come to the right place!

Waterloo: A Layman's Guide - book cover

Waterloo: A Layman's Guide (2015)

On Sunday 18th June 1815, nearly 200,000 men (the Allies led by the Duke of Wellington and the French led by their Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte) faced off on a tiny parcel of land barely two and a half miles square to fight… read more

The Third Reich: A Layman's Guide (2014)

Twelve years. That is all the Third Reich lasted, but despite being short lived the reverberations of the cruel oppression, the abuse of power, the manipulation of a generation, the earth shattering war and the evil genocide can be still be felt…

First World War Weapons (2014)

A perfect overview for the uninitiated, this short book will inform and educate you even if you have never read a history book in your life. Why was the machine gun so devastating on the battlefield? Who invented poison gas? What was it like to command a tank…

First World War Battles (2014)

A perfect overview for the uninitiated, this short book will inform and educate you even if you have never read a history book in your life. What happened at Verdun, where is Ypres, who fought at Mons, why did the first day of the Somme matter so much…

The Great War 100 book cover

The Great War 100 (2014)

Explore the First World War as never before in stunningly designed infographics, and enjoy a unique way of finding out about all aspects of the conflict. From the weapons used to the men on the ground, this new approach offers informative…

D-Day: A Layman's Guide (2014)

D-Day: A Layman’s Guide has been written specifically for people with little or no prior knowledge of the D-Day landings and the battle for Normandy and will serve as an ideal introduction to one of the most important aspects of WW2 history.

The First World War Factbook (2013)

1001 Fantastic First World War Facts is the biggest, most comprehensive factbook available on WW1. This fact book gives a unique perspective on the First World War that will be of interest to everyone from teenagers to Grandparents.

World War One: A Layman's Guide (2012)

This guide has been written specifically for people with little prior knowledge of the First World War and will be an ideal intro to what can be a very daunting subject. Written in an engaging way, this is more like a chat down…


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