Books for Schools


Books for schools is an initiative I have set up to enable organisations to purchase a copy (or copies) of my ‘The Great War 100′ infographics book and donate it to a school of their choice. Donate a book to a school now!

If I could, I would buy every copy of the book from the publisher and give to schools, but my finances simply will not allow it. That said, I think with the centenary years upon us, we (and by ‘we’ I mean writers, authors, historians, the government, broadcasters, journalists, teachers, academics and parents) have a perfect window of opportunity to inspire and educate the younger generation into finding out more about this important part of our history. This is why I am asking organisations to sponsor a book (or books) for a school of their choice.

Each book costs 25GBP and for that price each organisation will get a full page blog post on my website telling the world of their generousity, I will tweet the post to my 4,000+ followers on twitter as well as promote the post on my author Facebook page. If required, I will also write a small dedication in the book(s) on behalf of the organisation before it gets delivered to the school.

As you can see there is a decent amount of PR opportunity here, many organisations that have helped the programme already have delivered the books by hand and have had the local papers involved to generate some nice feelgood local stories.

If you are interested in getting involved, please contact me!

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