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Books for schools is an initiative I have set up to enable organisations to purchase a copy (or copies) of my ‘The Great War 100′ infographics book and donate it to a school of their choice. Donate a book to a school now!


What Is The Great War 100?

The Great War 100 is a unique book that attempts to tell the story of the first wold war using nothing by infographics. It has been designed to make it easier for kids and teenagers to understand aspects of the war. Incorporating over 300 individual graphics this book brings alive the First World War like never before.

Why would you donate a book?

For each book donated I will personally write a small dedication on the inside cover that informs which organisation has donated the book to the relevant school. I will also put a logo and a link to your website on this page as well as tweet the details of your donation and include it my blog. You will get a good amount of positive PR from this small gesture as well as a link back to your website and the warm, fuzzy feeling that your organisation has helped give a book to a school for free and perhaps inspired a couple of kids to read a little bit about the First World War. 

How much does each book cost?

Each book costs £25. UK postage is free.

How To Donate a Book

Simply purchase the book through the special Books for Schools item within our shop. You can pay and give me your school and organisation details all within PayPal.

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