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History doesn’t have to be dull…

History has a reputation for being a bit… well, dull… but it doesn’t have to be. For decades, mainstream historians have been busy boring the pants off of everyone with their 1,500 page epics that are clearly written simply to show other academics how clever they are.

In my writing, I am trying to provide an antidote to the to all of this dullness. More like an informal chat over a cup of tea, my collection of short, sharp history books (hopefully) succeed in educating, entertaining and inspiring children, teenagers and adults alike who many not read ‘traditional’ history books very often.

I am not a historian, and I don’t pretend to be one. I am a just simple marketing guy. I spend most of my days trying to persuade senior executives to spend large amounts of cash on eye-wateringly complex software. The key to success here is to get your point across quickly and effectively. This is the attitude I bring to my history writing.

My Layman’s Guides are more like a chat down the pub rather than a heavy historical text and my The Great War 100 infographics project attempts to tell the story of the First World War in a way never been done before. I hope you find some of my books interesting and informative, I want to inspire as many people as possible to pick up a history book and get reading.

Thank you for stopping by my website, I hope you like the look of some of the books I have written!

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