The different poppies for Remebrance Day

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Millions of people choose to wear a poppy on Remembrance Day as a show of respect and commemoration of the millions of people who have died fighting for freedom in two world wars and dozens of subsequent conflicts around the world.

Traditionally, poppies have been red, but many of you may have noticed a few other colour choices now available – so, what do the different colour poppies represent? Here is a very quick rundown of the different poppies choices we have for Remembrance Day.

The Red Poppy is the most famous and the most traditional of all of the Remembrance Poppies. This particular coloured poppy has a direct link with the Royal British Legion and is worn as an act of Remembrance and commemoration for all those who sacrificed their lives in the two world wars and subsequent conflicts.

The Purple Poppy is often worn to commemorate the role of animals in conflict. Millions of horses were used in the two world wars to transport guns, rations and equipment to the front lines, but other animals such as pigeons, dogs and donkeys were also heavily utilised. Donations to the Purple Poppy Appeal, which is organised by the War Horse Memorial, help animal charities such as World Horse Welfare and Blue Cross.

The Black Poppy is associated with the commemoration of black, African and Caribbean communities’ contribution to the war effort – both as servicemen and servicewomen, and as civilians.

The White Poppy is handed out by a charity called the Peace Pledge Union and, although this poppy does commemorates people who died in conflict, the charity says it is focused on achieving peace and challenging the way we look at war.

Each bold headline for the different poppy colours is a link that will take you to the relevant website so you can learn more about each version.

Which poppy will you be wearing this year?

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