A new cover and new content for Heroes of the Line

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I have been busy of the last few weeks blowing the dust off of one of my old books and giving it a bit of a refresh.

Heroes of the Line is a short book that is part diary, part pilgrimage and part homage to some of the men that fought and died in France and Flanders during the First World War.

A few years ago I cycled (almost) the entire First World War Western Front from the Franco-Swiss border in the south-east up to the north Belgian coast to raise money for the Royal British Legion. I did it with one of my best mates but we were not part of an organised tour or group. It was just the two of us, we carried all our own supplies, sorted out all our routes, accommodation etc. Looking back, we were woefully under prepared, horribly under trained and outrageously optimistic.

The book follows our journey across France and Belgium. Inter-weaved with the cycling diary are a selection of mini-biographies profiling some of the soldiers that still lie in France.

These are the stories of the Heroes of The Line.

Along with a new cover, I have also tightened up the prose and added a new ‘hero’ – 17410 Pte Horace George Angier, 2nd Btn, Royal Berkshire Regiment who was killed in action at ‘The Glory Hole’, La Boisselle on 1st July, 1916.

New Cover. Swanky.

Read Pte Angier’s story, along with others now! Check out the new updated book over at Amazon. It is just 99p.

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