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If you are a reader of history books on e-readers such as Amazon’s Kindle then you may already have heard of Digital History Books – the email service that delivers cut-price digital history e-books directly to your inbox. I have used them to great effect when I have had promotions running on my own Kindle books – they offer an excellent service for history readers of all eras and a few weeks ago I caught up (virtually) with one of the founders to understand a bit more about this excellent new service:

What is Digital History Books? Digital History Books is an e-newsletter service that sends readers information on some of the best deals for history and historical fiction e-books each week.

Why did you start DHB? There are a lot of newsletters available for ebook deals, but often they cover a huge number of different genres. I wanted to created a more focused newsletter that just promoted history and historical fiction so that avid readers, like myself, could find books they would enjoy for a great price.

How many readers do you have on your lists at the moment? What is your target number? At the moment we have a relatively small subscriber list, but they’re all clearly huge readers. Just like me they’re happy to read a new book on a fascinating topic each week. There’s no limit to how many subscribers there could be !!

What kind of books do DHB promote? DHB is happy to promote books on any historical subject, whether that be a memoir from World War Two or an historical novel set in Ancient Rome.

A bit about you – what’s your background? I have been reading history books since as far back as I can remember. A few years ago, having filled up my shelves with hardback and paperback books, I moved over to reading on Kindle and have loved it ever since. I thought I would create DHB to appeal to readers just like me.

What is your favourite era of history? I’m always happy to read about any book on history, from accounts of the conquests of Alexander the Great to social histories of the Russian Revolution. But if you were going to put me on the spot I think I would have to say I am most fascinated by history of the 17th century as this was the period when the modern world that we know today was beginning to be formed.

What book(s) are you currently reading? I have just finished Ron Chernow’s biography of Ulysses S. Grant and I have now picked up ‘The Anarchy’ by William Dalrymple, which covers the rise of the East India Company.

How can readers subscribe to your lists? They can head to the website https://www.digitalhistorybooks.com/ and fill out their details. They will receive weekly emails about great ebook deals straight away.

How can authors book a promotion with you? I really encourage any author to send in their book to be considered for promotion. So long as it covers an interesting subject and has had its price reduced then it will be featured. Send the details onto me at digitalhistorybooks@outlook.com 

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