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It’s been a while since I wrote a Layman’s Guide. My last few writing projects have been for traditional publishers (Reaching for the Sky & Invasion!) so I haven’t really had much time to put one together.

But, as it stands I have no traditional projects on the go, so I have the opportunity to sneak one out. To help me choose the next subject I turned to my social media followers and the wonderful people who subscribe to my monthly ‘Listening Post’ newsletter for their opinion on which subject the next Layman’s Guide should tackle. The result was somewhat surprising but very definitive – The Battle of the Somme.

So, over the last few weeks I have started the long process of bringing this book to market. I am going to try and write the whole book and put it all together as publicly as possible, with as much input from you the readers as I can! I am working on the table of contents – and I will release version one in due course (although the way I work, the first version of the TOC often looks nothing like the final version!)

The other bit I have been working on is the cover – which has been put together by the fabulous people at Battlefield Design. It is very much in keeping with the other Layman’s Guides books – using a big title and a wordcloud – but I would love your opinion – you can see it below. Let me know what you think!!

The Battle of the Somme: Book Cover.
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