A token gesture to help you through the COVID-19 lockdown

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It’s a weird time at the moment, and I hope that you and your family are able to stay safe and out of the reach of this nasty COVID-19 virus that is causing such havoc to our daily lives.

I am not classified as a ‘key worker’. I am not a doctor, nurse or paramedic. I can’t even drive a truck to help keep the supermarket shelves full of toilet roll! Apart from staying inside to limit the spread of the virus, there isn’t much I can personally do to help tackle the virus. One thing I can do, however, is cut the cost of reading at a time when many people are really struggling financially.

Which is why, for the duration of the lockdown, I have cut the price of my Kindle e-books to the lowest price Amazon will allow me to:

WW1: A Layman’s Guide is now 99p / 99c

Waterloo: A Layman’s Guide is now 99p / 99c

1001 Fantastic First World Facts is now 99p / 99c

WW2 3 Book Box Set (D-Day / Third Reich / WW2) is now 99p / 99c

Click on any of the titles above to go straight to the relevant Amazon page.

These prices should all be live now across the globe (but in some regions it may take 24hrs to filter through). All of these books will stay at these prices until things get back to normal – however long that takes. I know it’s not much in the grand scheme of things, but it is all I can do, and I hope it might give you something new to read at a very affordable price during the lockdown.

Stay safe.

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