D-Day: A Layman’s Guide now available on Kobo, Apple, Google Play and more…

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I am delighted to announce that D-Day: A Layman’s Guide is now available on a wide number of e-book platforms including Kobo, Apple, and Google Play in an attempt to give more people access to a book that historically has only been available to people with an Amazon Kindle account.

What’s more, the e-book can now be picked up for a bargain 99p / 99c or local currency equivalent on all platforms (including Amazon)!!

The complete list of e-book sites the book is now available on is below. I hope, by expanding out this distribution list, more people who are interested in knowing more about D-Day and Operation Overlord can do so in an engaging and entertaining way.

Baker & Tyler
Barnes & Noble
Google Play
24 Symbols

To download a copy of D-Day: A Layman’s Guide on any of these platforms for just 99p/99c simply click on this link and then choose your preferred ebook vendor.

For those of you who prefer Amazon Kindle, it is still available there too!

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