Invasion! D-Day & Operation Overlord in One Hundred Moments – Book Cover preview

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I have not blogged much recently, that’s because I have been really busy on my latest book project – Invasion! D-Day & Operation Overlord in One Hundred Moments.

In essence this book follows a very similar format and pattern to my last release (Reaching For the Sky) which looked at the history of the Royal Airforce using 100 defining moments, using infographics and imagery to help tell the many stories from those magical moments.

Invasion! will be no different, the content will be divided into different segments – organisation moments, inspirational moments, moments of courage, technological moments, fighting moments, and moments of reflection and memory – and there will be a heavy use of infographics and imagery to help produce a unique take on this momentous period of our history.

I will share the full table of contents and one or two chapters (moments) over the coming weeks, but for now – here is the proposed cover (although this is subject to change)

Invasion! Book Cover
Invasion! Book Cover

The book itself is currently in final design / layout phase and is scheduled for release towards the end of April – perfect timing for the run up to the D-Day 75 anniversary commemorations – however the book is available for pre-order from Amazon right now, just click on this link to go to the product page.

Watch this space for more Invasion! news and content over the coming weeks.

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