The Greatest Moments of the RAF (1918-2018)

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Last week I was very fortunate to have the opportunity of speaking during two days of the 2018 War and Peace Revival show. One of the largest living history events in the country.

I talked about the ten greatest moments of the RAF’s history – something which I felt more than slightly inadequate to do – who was I to stand up in front of dozens of people and tell them what the greatest RAF moments were? So, instead I put it to a vote – you may have seen emails or social posts over the last weeks asking for people’s opinion. In the end over 300 people registered their opinion on my online survey and from their answers I was able to build out a list with much more credibility.

Below is the presentation – I hope you like it.. and remember, if you disagree with the list or the order of the list – it is not my list! It is the result of the survey!!




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