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This week I launched a new book on Amazon Kindle, however it is not my usual attempt at telling history. Office Days (Volume One) is a collection of illustrated short stories which follow a number of characters around as they go through their lives working the 9-5. It is about as far away from military history as you can get!!

In this first volume we catch up with four main characters:

  • Kirsty Corporate who loves her job, even more than spending time with her family and friends. But does the company she works for love her back in the same way?
  • We then meet a chap called Colin Corporate-Cliché who drives his colleagues so mad with his endless riddles and clichés that they come up with a plan to literally shock him into talking properly!
  • Next up is Penny Ineffective who works in HR and struggles to convince her colleagues that she does anything useful during the day.
  • Finally, we check in on William Workshy who does everything he can to avoid doing any actual work.

These short stories are written in the style of the old Mr Men stories and are quick and easy to read. I hope they raise a smile or two as you will no doubt recognise a few personality traits of people you work with!

Office Days (Volume One) is now available on Amazon Kindle for £3.98 – click here to check it out.

Office Days (Volume One)

Office Days (Volume One)


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