Layman’s Guide WW2 Three Book Boxset Launched

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Hot on the heels of Reaching For The Sky, I have now launched a special Kindle ‘box set’ featuring three WW2 themed Layman’s Guides – namely WW2, D-Day, and The Third Reich. This box set is priced at £5.99 – a significant saving on the individual ebook prices. You can see and download the boxset right now on Amazon here!

This ‘Layman’s Guide’ boxset has been put together to educate, engage and entertain readers – especially those who perhaps have not read too much about WW2 before. Short, sharp chapters are written with a pace and style not normally found in history books (which, let’s be honest, can be pretty tough to read sometimes!)

The complete ‘Layman’s Guide’ series has been downloaded over 100,000 times and has received hundreds of five star reviews from readers all over the world.


This WW2 Layman’s Guide Boxset contains the following three guides:

  • WW2
  • D-Day
  • The Third Reich

Together they provide the perfect overview for anyone wanting to know more about the Second World War.


What Amazon readers are saying about The Layman’s Guide history WW2 history books:

“History is not boring anymore!”

“Great read, educational… and fun too!”

“Easy to follow and a general good read”

“An excellent read”

“A great style of writing”

“The ultimate digestible guide”

“Addington is much more than an author, he is a master storyteller”

“A brilliant introduction”

“Engaging and to the point”

“Excellent book – a clear exposition of the action and an easy read. Highly recommend it”

More akin to a nice easy chat over a cup of tea rather than a heavy historical text the story flows naturally, albeit without mountains of minutiae. This Layman’s Guide boxset provides enough detail to gain a good grounding of knowledge and understanding , without the reader becoming overwhelmed in detail and complexity.

If you want to know about the Second World War, D-Day and the Third Reich but don’t want to wade through thousands of pages on each subject with out being bored rigid you have come to the right place! AND by buying this boxset you will save money over buying the three books individually! It’s a win/win.

Get your copy of the WW2 Layman’s Guide Three Book Boxset here! 

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