A Poppy for an (old) Pound

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With the deadline for spending the old round pound coins looming large (officially the coins will no longer be legal tender from Monday 16th October) the Bank of England estimates there are still around 500 million of these coins still in circulation.

So, what can you do if you find a couple of these little blighters down the back of the sofa or under your car seat after the deadline? Well why not turn an old pound coin into a Poppy and support a brilliant cause? The Royal British Legion will be accepting the old pound coins as donations for their annual Poppy Appeal right up to Remembrance Sunday.

You can take your old stash of round pound coins into RBL branches in branches in Plymouth, Southampton, Brighton, Swindon, Bristol, London, Colchester, Cardiff, Aylesbury, Derby, Birmingham, Belfast, Merseyside, Manchester, Leeds and Newcastle. All the addresses are listed here.

Alternatively, hold on to them and give them directly to a Poppy Appeal street collecter, they will be hitting town centres all over the country from mid-October. They will be glad to take your old coins in exchange for a Poppy.

So, what are you waiting for? Get digging down the back of those sofas!!



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