Virtual Reality Battlefield Tour for Schools Launched

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Last week I was lucky enough to be invited up to Liverpool to witness a demonstration of a remarkable new innovation that could potentially revolutionise the way we teach the First World War in our classrooms.

A small start up tech firm called Sibro have teamed up with A-Star historians Peter Barton and Jeremy Banning to produce a fully immersive Virtual Reality tour of the Somme battlefields. The result is a uniquely engaging learning experience which successfully brings the battlefields to the classroom, and having tried it for myself I can tell you it is very, very good.

It has recently made the BBC news – you can see the BBC video piece here

If any history teachers in the UK are interested in learning more, I suggest you visit the website of Sibro – they have an excellent video on there which explains everything. You can also register your interest in the VR kit and talk with them directly about giving your students the full WW1 VR experience!

Here is the YouTube link to the video in case YouTube is more your thing..



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    How do I book for a VR experience?

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