FIFA, Football shirts, and a missed opportunity?

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At the time of writing it seems that FIFA is refusing to allow the England and Scotland teams to wear printed images of poppies on their shirts when they play each other in a World Cup qualifier at Wembley on 11th November – the 98th anniversary of the First World War Armistice and a day where the people of the Unitied Kingdom traditionally take time to remember our war dead.

The sentiment of FIFA is that they think the Poppy is a political symbol – they are of course wrong and the FA will no doubt lobby hard to get them to change their minds. If they win it will be a nice PR story, but I cannot help but think that although having the image of the Poppy on the shirt would be a good thing, it isn’t going to change the lives of many veterans directly. Maybe both the English and Scottish FA’s should put their hands in their pockets and give a % of the gate money (which I am sure will run into millions of pounds) to veterans charities both north and south of the border?

That is the kind of gesture that would make a tangible difference. Alas, I doubt it will happen and once more an opportunity for football to make a real difference to society will be missed.

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