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I am delighted to announce that my latest book on the First World War: Heroes of World War I was published yesterday by The History Press and is now available on Amazon and all good bookstores in both paperback and e-book versions.

Millions of men toughed it out on both sides of the wire during the First World War and it is simply impossible to write every story, but here are fourteen tales of bravery in different shapes and forms that I hope give a glimpse of what it was like in the trenches for men of all ranks and backgrounds. I have tried to bring to life the stories of a cross section of men; volunteers, conscripts and career soldiers are all covered, right from the lowly private right up to senior commanders. These are the stories of fourteen men whose lives were changed the day the world went to war in 1914.

Before war broke out many of these men were just like you and me; they were going about their daily business working as shopkeepers, farmers, accountants, bank clerks or labourers.  When they were called to arms they became soldiers, sailors and airmen, fighting in the mud of the trenches, navigating the high seas or flying in the very first aerial war. Miles from their homes and families, they were pushed to their very limits and forever changed by what they experienced. Not all of them came back again.

Heroes of World War I is my attempt to tell the long-forgotten stories of fourteen brave men who rallied for their country. The voice of the ordinary soldier is often overlooked by histories of the First World War, this book is my tribute to them.

I hope I have done them justice.

Heroes of World War I

Heroes of World War I – cover

If you want to read one of the stories from the book – check out this earlier post covering the life of Private Horace George Angier who was killed on the first day of the Battle of the Somme: 1st July 1916.

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