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There is a lot of stuff flying around regarding the upcoming anniversary of the Battle of the Somme at the moment – and quite right too as it was (and still is) a momentous day in the history of our country. However, today marks the centenary of a much smaller event, of which I doubt many people are aware of – the blowing of the Red Dragon mine by the German Army at Givenchy. It is a perfect example of the daily struggle of life in the front line on the Western Front but, instead of me writing about it I thought it better to let one of the best WW1 historians out there – Jeremy Banning – tell you the story in a series of fabulous tweets he sent earlier today.

Over to Jeremy…

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Powerful stuff, I am sure you would agree. William Hacket was awarded a posthumous Victoria Cross for his actions. The First World War was witness to thousands of similar stories, the vast majority of which we will never know. But, due to the hard work, passion and enthusiasm of historians such as Jeremy, we can be thankful that some of the stories survive – and the men that took part are not forgotten.

Please follow Jeremy on Twitter @jbanningww1 and take a look at his tunnellers website – it is brilliant.






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