The Pitch Pack Sponsors WW1 Books for Schools!

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I am delighted to announce that The Pitch Pack – a global leader in interactive video brochures – have agreed to sponsor ten (10) copies of ‘The Great War 100′ infographic books as part of my WW1 Books for Schools initiative.

The ten schools that will benefit from free WW1 books are:

  • Notting Hill and Ealing Primary School
  • Little Ealing Primary School
  • North Ealing Primary School
  • Isleworth and Syon School
  • Peter Symonds College (Winchester)
  • The Westgate School (Winchester)
  • Western Primary School (Winchester)
  • St John’s Primary School (Basingstoke)
  • Gillingham Primary School
  • All Saints Junior School (Fleet)

I want as many children as possible to have free access to this book. It was designed specifically for children as an introduction to the war and during these Centenary years I think we have the ideal opportunity to educate and inspire future generations. This is my tiny little contribution, however since I started approaching companies to help sponsor books so I could give them to schools for ‘free’ I have been able to give almost 200 schools across the country free books! That is simply fantastic!

I continue to be amazed and humbled by the response from organisations regarding this WW1 Books for Schools project and I hope to have more announcements to make very soon. Today, however I just want to say a massive THANK YOU to Matt O’Neill from The Pitch Pack for being so generous and supportive.


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About WW1 Books for Schools

WW1 Books for Schools is an initiative I have set up to enable as many school children as possible to have free access to the WW1 Infographic book ‘The Great War 100’.

If I could, I would buy every copy of the book from the publisher and give to schools, but my finances simply will not allow it. That said, I think with the centenary years upon us, we (and by ‘we’ I mean writers, authors, historians, the government, broadcasters, journalists, teachers, academics and parents) have a perfect window of opportunity to inspire and educate the younger generation into finding out more about this important part of our history. This is why I am asking organisations to sponsor a book (or books) to help schools.

So far this little project has resulted in hundreds of schools up and down the country benefit from free copies of ‘The Great War 100’ for their school libraries and hundreds of thousands of children now have access to the book for free – I know that in the grand scheme of things this is just a tiny drop in the ocean but it is better than doing nothing and I really do hope that a few of them like the book, pick it up and have a flick through and perhaps learn a thing or two… that’s what this is all about!

If you would like to sponsor a book then please let me know!

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