Free WW1 postcard packs for school history teachers!

 In Infographics

This is a strictly limited offer, but I am putting aside a small number (20) of my new WW1 Battles infographic postcard sets so I can give them away to school history departments. They currently resale at £5.99 each.

The First World War offered up some of the most destructive and bloodiest battles ever waged. These infographic postcards give a unique overview of ten of the most infamous battles of the war. Using infographics, facts, stats and first hand accounts, they provide a perfect overview of each battle and act as an ideal introduction to some of the most pivotal moments of the First World War.

In my humble opinion, they are a perfect learning resource for school children – and I would like as many schools as possible to try them out.

WW1 infographic postcards

WW1 infographic postcards

If you want a free postcard pack for your school please contact me with your school details. You can either contact me via email or via Twitter

Unfortunately, this offer is only open to UK based schools and is on a strictly first-come-first-serve basis.

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