50 Books on the First World War

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There have been a gazillion books written on the First World War, and over the last decade or so I read hundreds of them. I have started a Pinterest Board onto which I plan to ‘pin’ some of my favourite books cover all sorts of different aspects of the war.

Currently I have pinned 50 books to the board. They include long-form epics, personal stories, first hand accounts, fact books, VC winners and of course I had to put in ‘The Great War 100’ in there! I am building the board to help people choose what in my opinion are some of the better books around on the First World War –  each pin has a link directly to the individual book page on Amazon. I will add to the board over time, so if you are a Pinterest user, please follow the board, but in the meantime  have a look and browse some of the best books that have been written over the years on the ‘war to end all wars’.


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