Hitler set to top the book charts in Germany (again)

 In WW2

Today, 9th January, a new ‘critical edition’ of Adolf Hitler’s ‘Mein Kampf’ hit the bookshops of Germany. It was an instant sell out.

This new edition is a 2,000-page, two-volume annotated version of the original text and is the result of three years hard labour by the clever people at Munich’s Institute for Contemporary History. There are around 3,500 annotations in the book – these annotations try and ask questions such as how and where his ideas came from as well as trying to challenge and contextualise some of the ideologies put forward in the writing.

Not surprisingly the decision to re-publish the book has caused controversy. On one hand, historians and academics are welcoming the opportunity to re-visit what they see as an important historical document, whereas members of the Jewish community are outraged that Germany has allowed such a book to be freely available in bookshops again.

The initial print run was approximately 4,000 books, but it is estimated that 15,000 orders have already been received.

I wonder if any of the profits are going to go to Holocaust charities? I hope so.


If you are interested, you can buy copies of Mein Kampf on Amazon – but be warned, it is one of the most turgid, hard going reads out there. I bought a copy many years ago and managed about fifty pages.

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  • Ian Pink

    Hi Scott,

    I agree Mein Kampf is probably the hardest read I have ever attempted and is even worse than Alfred Rosenberg’s “Myth Of The 20th Century”!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I know the Hitler family have for years shunned any of the monetry proceeds of Mein Kampf so lets hope the money does go to The Holocaust charities now this new edition is out.

    I would not waste my money on buying a new copy at £400 plus pounds as there are many English translations around not to mention the original German texts.

    Let us remember tomorrow (27th Jan 2016) all those that suffered at the hands of the Nazis and did not live to see them defeated.

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