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I am delighted to announce the launch of a very special set of infographic postcards that will help children, teenagers and adults alike learn facts and stats about some of the deadliest battles in our history.

The Great War 100 WW1 Battles Infographic Postcard set is available now from Amazon for just £8.99 and contains ten large double-sided postcards, with each one covering a specific First World War battle. Each postcard is made from high quality glossy card and measures 20cm x 20cm. On the front of each card is an informative battle infographic with map, dates, casualty numbers and a few key stats and on the back there are more facts, stats and a first hand eyewitness account of the battle.

WW1 Battles Infographic postcard cover box front and back

WW1 Battles Infographic postcard cover box front and back

The WW1 battles covered in this postcard set are (in no particular order) Mons, Somme, Verdun, Amiens, The Third Battle of Ypres, Cambrai, Loos, Tannenberg, Gallipoli and Kaiserschlacht.

I wanted to put together a pack like this that summarised the major battles in a way that was interesting, engaging, affordable and a little bit different. I also wanted it to be a quality product. I would like to think I have achieved this – the packs very nicely put together from top notch materials and the print quality is excellent – I guess customers and the wider general public will ultimately tell me if these cards manage to convey the finer points of the major battles of the First World War in an interesting and engaging way! I do hope so!

WW1 Battles Infographic postcard - Verdun front and back

WW1 Battles Infographic postcard – Verdun front and back

The cards have been out just a few days on Amazon but already have sold in good numbers, and I have my first 5 star review already!

I think WW1 Battles Infographic Postcard set would make the perfect stocking filler this Christmas for anyone who has a passing interest in the history of the First World War – grandchildren, grandparents, or anyone in-between!

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