First World War Weapons Top Trumps Kickstarter project

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Kids and families all over the world love to play Top Trumps! In my house there are dozens of packs all over the place and I am sure it is the same story in millions of houses up and down the country.

In any toy shop there are racks and racks of Top Trumps covering a wide range of subjects from dogs to dinosaurs and from supercars to SpongeBob! BUT… there isn’t anything that covers First World War Weapons.

Until now.

Introducing First World War Weapons Top Trumps crowdfunding project!

FWW Weapons Top Trumps

FWW Weapons Top Trumps

The pack will include thirty-two cards, including tanks, machine guns, rifles, pistols, planes, artillery guns, gas, bayonets, mortars, grenades and more from all countries that were involved. Each card has a colourful infographic as well as scores for certain categories such as mobility, firepower, numbers produced and fear factor. There is also a small paragraph giving some extra detail.

Such a game could really help kids get engaged with the First World War and learn a few things about the various weapons that were used while they play and have fun. It seems a win-win opportunity, especially as we are in the middle of the Centenary years of the war – it is an ideal time to try and get kids interested in this part of history.

British MK1 Tank card

British MK1 Tank card

The Top Trumps company have already approved the design and the general concept of First World War Weapons Top Trumps – they are ready to go to print as soon as I can fulfil their minimum order value which is £10,000.

Hence the crowdfunding project!

Gifts for each pledge!

So, I am trying to raise ten grand via Kickstarter. For each pledge (people can donate from as little as five pounds) there are wonderful prizes on offer. Free packs of the Top Trumps, free signed copies of The Great War 100 infographics book (which is where the illustrations for the cards have been taken from) and some ultra rare signed high res prints of some of the best graphics from the book which would look amazing framed and hung in your study!

The Great War 100 book cover

The Great War 100 book cover

I do hope you like the idea of First World War Top Trumps and also like some of the gifts I am giving away in return for your pledge. I really hope this project can go live and give kids another opportunity to learn about such an important piece of our history.

I genuinely feel such a game could prove very popular among kids and adults alike. I have contacts at many museums throughout the UK and already I have had some positive talks about them stocking these. Everyone I speak to seems genuinely excited about this project.

Risk Free!

If you would like to help make First World War Weapons Top Trumps a reality – please visit my Kickstarter page and pledge. Every pledge will get a gift in return if the project goes live. Don’t forget, no money gets taken from your account until the whole project gets completely funded – and then you are guaranteed to get your prizes – it is completely risk free. If I fail to reach the funding target no money will be taken from your account.

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