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Last week I was in Eversley with my family. Nothing too remarkable about that and ordinarily not something I would blog about, but as we were wandering about I noticed that Eversley had a nice church with a large graveyard… and that’s where things started to get interesting.

You see, a few weeks ago I downloaded onto my phone a new app from the CWGC
(Commonweath War Graves Commission) which tells you all about fabulous work they do and, most interestingly, points out the nearset war grave to where you are currently sitting/standing/walking.

So, on seeing the chuch in the distance I whipped out the trusty phone (its a Windows phone, in case you are interested – but I believe there are other types of phone available) and fired up the app. Within a few seconds it displayed a map of where I was and told me that the church in question (Eversley St.Mary Churchyard Extension) did indeed house a number of war graves.

Six to be exact.

Excitedly I summoned my childred to follow me for a quick game of ‘spot the war grave’ and we quickly found all six. Some of them were very interesting and warrant a bit of further research… for example there was a Leading Aircraft Woman from the Women’s Auxillary Air Force, there was a chap from the WW2 Home Guard, a Captain of the RAF from 1918 and there was a young kid of 19 who seemingly died from wounds sustained in the First World War in 1915.

Leading ACW Reynolds

Leading ACW Reynolds

The app itself is very clear and easy to use. The home screen has just three options: Find a Cemetery (a search function to search for a cemetery of your choice) Cemeteries Nearby (my fave part so you can speculatively see what is near by) and a section that tells you About CWGC. The map function used on the Cemeteries Nearby function is quick to load and it is very clear to see where the graves are. It would be nice to have a touch more information on the church (such as address or number of graves) on the pop out screen when you touch the map marker. But these are tiny issues.

The app is brilliant. I love it. However there is a problem. I use it all the time, no matter where I am or what I am meant to be doing. I am now always late for things as I am spending more and more time looking for wargraves rather than getting to where I need to be!

Find out more details about the app and the CWGC by visting their webpage

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