D-Day: A Layman’s Guide is just 99p this week!

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To help commemorate the 71st anniversary of the D-Day landings the Kindle version of D-Day: A Layman’s Guide will be just 99p/99c on all Amazon platforms until Sunday 7th June.

This Layman’s Guide has been written specifically for people with little or no prior knowledge of the D-Day landings and the battle for Normandy and will serve as an ideal introduction to one of the most important aspects of WW2 history.

Written in an engaging way, this is more like an informal chat over a cup of tea than a heavy historical text, and with short, sharp chapters it provides just enough detail to gain a good grounding of knowledge and understanding, without the reader drowing in a sea of detail.

The book has received 18 reviews in the UK, averaging 4.7 out of 5 stars which suggests that people seem to like how I have attempted to tell the story of D-Day. So if you want to know a bit more about what happened on those beaches of Normandy 71 years ago why not check out D-Day: A Layman’s Guide while it will only cost you 99p!


D-Day: A Layman's Guide

D-Day: A Layman’s Guide



Reviews for D-Day: A Layman’s Guide – All of these reviews can be seen on Amazon.co.uk


Well Written Account (5 stars)

Brilliant and very readable account for those of us who may be short on time & don’t want to plow through a full book


Concise, detailed with a dash of humour (5 stars)

Having read other works by the author I was eager to read his take on D Day. It didn’t disappoint. Not a weighty historical account detailing each soldier involved, this gives an overview of the main parts of the invasion with enough detail to satisfy the inquisitive who could then discuss the subject. More than that though the details covered easily spark further reading and the notes and suggestions made by the author are excellent sign posts. This is a must for anyone, however knowledgeable, with any interest in D Day. The scattering of humour (I chuckled aloud during the intro to the chapter about Gold beach) is another welcome change from traditional my dry histories.
I thoroughly enjoyed this book and I cannot recommend it highly enough.


Very Interesting (5 stars)

I’ve learned so much . Very well put together. And guess what, my dad was there and survived the whole war, I’m very proud of him.

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