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I love Easter. Actually, let’s get it right, I love the long bank holiday weekend that comes with Easter!  So, to celebrate I have put together a special Easter promotion. Starting right now, the Kindle version of The Third Reich: A Layman’s Guide is completely free to download from Amazon sites worldwide. Yes, that’s right. Completely free!

The Third Reich: A Layman’s Guide is completely free to download from Amazon sites worldwide.

You can see for yourself right here:

Amazon UK page page

This free promotion runs right through the Easter Bank Holiday until midnight on Monday. So head on over to your local Amazon site and pick up a free book to while away the long weekend!

The Third Reich: A Layman's Gude - cover

The Third Reich: A Layman’s Gude – cover

The Third Reich: A Layman’s Guide is the third installment in the ‘Layman’s Guide’ series that attempts to give new readers to history a quick, clear and entertaining introduction to subjects that can often seem daunting, complicated and dull. My hope is that people (especially children, teenagers and even adults) who perhaps have not read too much history before read one of these books and then become inspired to go on to read ‘proper’ history books and discover the subject in more depth.

My writing style is a little more ‘relaxed’ than most history books out there – Amazon offers a free preview of the first 10% of the book on their sites, so you can read a few pages for yourself before you download it. I do hope you make the most of the free offer and download/read this introduction to one of the most fascinating and extraordinary phases of world history.


The book so far has 13 reviews on Amazon, all but one are 5 star reviews. Here are a couple of examples


Even if you hate history you will love this book!!!!

I am a college graduate in history. Every job interview I ever had, the interviewer either said, “Why history? I hate history.” or “Why THAT subject”. Let me tell you, I have read many many dry boring books where the author sounds like a robot throwing out dates and names. For ANYONE who wants a brand new perspective on the Nazis, you have to read this!!!!! Mr. Addington’s style is like he is right there talking to you… and you can’t stop reading!!!! I learned things that I never realised before. He wrote about the problems after WWI that caused Hitler to worm his way into the lives of Germans, why Germany was ripe for war, etc. It is a very fast read, because of his wonderful writing style. It is a very interesting history lesson on the rise and fall of the Nazi’s. I am enthralled with his writing style. Mr. Addington, please please please do a book on a Civil War battle. I read a great deal on Gettysburg; enough to feel like I was right there and could tell you where every piece of land is. For teens who love war books, this is especially great to get interested in the topics you choose. I am not saying teens are the only audience for this book. I believe that adults would have such a hard time putting your book down at all to do other things. I absolutely loved the layman’s style. I couldn’t even stop through the reference pages. They were even written in such a way that you want to keep reading until the very end. Everyone would love history if they could read it like this! *I was provided with a free copy of this book so I could give an honest review.

Review posted on by CM Anderson


A brilliant introduction

A well written book with a most engaging style. This text is a must for anyone wanting a concise overview of this period of history.

Review posted on by Aristotle


Excellent starter to the subject

Very concise but effective covering of the Third Reich. Promotes interest for further reading. Well done. First class narrative and an easy read.

Review posted on by Amazon Customer


To recap, this free promotion runs from now right through to midnight on Bank Holiday Monday, so don’t hang about – download your free copy right now! Here are the links again:

Amazon UK page page


Happy Easter!

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