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I am delighted to announce that The Colour Project, one of the leading projection and event production organisations in the country, have agreed to sponsor twenty (20) copies of ‘The Great War 100′ infographic books as part of my WW1 books for schools initiative.

I am particularly pleased that The Colour Project have decided to be a part of my project, not just because they are a a great event and projection company (check out their website for some images of their breath taking projections), but these are the guys that are behind The Big Picture – a very special commemoration of the First World Centenary, a project which I am very proud to be involved in.

Carl Miller is Technical Director at The Colour Project and commented: “The infographics that have been produced for The Great War 100 are sharp, well thought through and provide a great tool for digesting big history, especially for children…”

The general response from the organisations that I have contacted about the WW1 books for schools programme has been amazing and I have more  announcements to make in the near future about other fantastic companies helping out and sponsoring books for schools. But today, I just want to say a massive THANK YOU to Carl and the rest of the team at The Colour Project for being so generous  and supportive.


About The Colour Project

The Colour Project is a multi-discipline creative hub and visual production resource. We design content and engineer display technologies for pop- up projection campaigns, corporate presentations and epic architectural mapping shows.

Find out more by visiting their website:

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