The First World War Fact Book now available on iBooks

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It has taken a while, but I have finally got around to launching my first ebook on iBooks.

The First World War Fact Book offers up 1,568 facts on a war that shaped the 20th Century. Split into nineteen separate sections, including weapons, the air war, infantry battles, trench warfare, casualties, remembrance, the main combatants and more, this fact book gives a unique perspective on the First World War that will be of interest to everyone from teenagers to Grand-dads.

Since its launch last year the fact book has been very well received, there are no other books out there like it, and I am personally very pleased that I am now able to offer this book on iBooks as it now gives anyone with an Apple device the opportunity to get clued up on the First World War as the Centenary events continue around the country.

To be able to read the First World War Fact Book on your iPad or iPhone via iBooks, you will need to download the iBooks app from the app store. If you have a new device, then the app should already be in situ and you won’t need to download it.

The price for the iBooks version is just £1.99 – not bad for over 1,500 facts!

Why are there 1,568 facts? Read the first fact in the book to find out!

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