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I am delighted to announce that Designbysoap, one of the leading design and SEO agencies in the country, have agreed to sponsor twenty (20) copies of ‘The Great War 100′ infographic books as part of my WW1 books for schools initiative.

I am particularly pleased that Designbysoap have decided to be a part of my project, not just because they are a brilliant design agency, but these are the guys that produced all of the infographics for the book – putting it simply, the book just wouldn’t exist without them, and the fact that they are continuing to support the project even after the book has been completed – especially as it was often a bumpy journey on the road to publication – is amazing!

John Pring is the Director of Inbound Marketing and Content Creation for Designbysoap and personally drew many of the infographics that make up The Great War 100 book, this is what he had to say about the idea and my books to schools programme:

“Having been a part of The Great War 100 project with Scott right from the very start we know that he is incredibly passionate about opening up the story of the First World War to as many people as possible – especially children. It has been a pleasure working with Scott on the project – it really is a unique book that we are all very proud to have been a part of – and to be able to deliver books to schools and talk to a number of history teachers in our area has shown us how important new ways of telling history – such as using infographics – is to keeping children interested and engaged in history.”

Jon and the Designbysoap guys are currently embarking on a little road trip around Herefordshire to hand deliver the books to local schools. One such school, Whitecross Hereford, have actually built a WW1 trench in their school field and are using it to teach their students about life for a soldier in the trenches of the First World War. It is an amazing idea and they have been kind enough to invite me up to visit the trench on Remembrance Day this year and to talk to some of their students on all things First World War – which is exciting and nerve wrecking all at the same time! Why not follow what how the school is using the trench to inspire their students on Twitter – they have a dedicated Twitter feed for the trench!

Trench system - Whitecross School

Trench system – Whitecross School


The general response from the organisations that I have contacted about the WW1 books for schools programme has been amazing and I have more  announcements to make in the near future about other fantastic companies helping out and sponsoring books for schools. But today, I just want to say a massive THANK YOU to John and the rest of Designbysoap team for being so generous  and supportive.

If you need a top drawer creative agency, some SEO work, or some infographics doing, I can honestly say the guys at Designbysoap are the best in the business. You just need to see some of the graphics in my book to realise that!


About Designbysoap Ltd

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We’re proud to boast a client list that includes 20% of the top ten companies on Earth (as ranked by the FT Global 500), 10% of the top 30 and 5% of the top 500. All of the top search engines use us for creative content, and scores of other major worldwide brands including Microsoft, Google, AOL, PayPal, Capital One, Experian, MoneySupermarket, Deloitte, Ford and hundreds of others. We’re also one of the main suppliers of infographics and creative content to the biggest SEO and marketing agencies in the UK and the US, including SEER Interactive, iCrossing, Ogilvy, Yoast, SEOGadget, STEAK, Shine and many, many more.


About WW1 books for schools

WW1 books for schools is a small initiative that I have set up to allow as many school children as possible free access to my WW1 infographics book (The Great War 100) as possible through their school library. I am doing this by asking organisations to ‘sponsor’ books that can be given to schools.  So far I have managed to work with some amazing companies such as designbysoap Ltd, Red Letter Days, TechTarget, Sportingclass Ltd, Outstanding Branding Ltd and many others and in total we have been able to give free books to over 120 schools across the country. Taking the UK school size average of 950 pupils, this means that around 114,000 children now have free access to this book via their school library. I truly hope that a few of those children read and enjoy the book and the graphics, and become inspired to keep reading about the subject and keep the memories of the men and women who served on all sides of the wire alive for future generations.

If you want to be part of the Books for Schools programme and sponsor a book so a school can have one for free in their library, please visit this page or contact me. The best/easiest way is via Twitter  @scott_addington

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