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Books for Schools is an initiative I have set up to enable as many children as possible free access to my ‘The Great War 100’ infographics book as possible via their school library.

The book has taken me almost four years to get published and consists of over three hundred separate infographics that attempt to tell the story of The First World War in a way never attempted before. It has been designed specifically for kids and teenagers but is also ideal for anyone who wants to know about the war but doesn’t have the desire to read 800 page epics.

To have a sneak preview of the  book click on this Amazon link as the book listing has the ‘see inside’ feature set so you can see some of the graphics…

If I could, I would buy every copy of the book from the publisher and give to schools, but my finances simply will not allow it. That said, I think with the centenary years upon us, we (and by ‘we’ I mean writers, authors, historians, the government, broadcasters, journalists, teachers, academics and parents) have a perfect window of opportunity to inspire and educate the younger generation into finding out more about this important part of our history.

Hence ‘Books for Schools’.

I am asking for organisations across Britain (and the world) to ‘sponsor’ a book into a school (or schools) of their choice. Each book costs £25 and each sponsor organisation will get a few things in return for the generous donation that could help them with some nice PR for them:


Benefits of becoming a ‘Books for Schools’ sponsor:

For each book that is sponsored, I will hand write a small message on the inside of each book stating that ‘this book has been generously donated to XYZ school by ABC Ltd in an effort to help inspire and educate our children on the cause and effect of The First World War’

A short article/blog written here on my website telling the world of their kind donation, with links back to their website etc. I will of course tweet the blog article several times, and post it on LinkedIn and my Facebook page – Hopefully this will get the sponsor some nice social media exposure

I am also building up a ‘Hall of Fame’ on my website which will showcase all of the sponsors and have links back to their website and any other social media sites they would like to include (Pinterest / Twitter / FB etc).

Any sponsor of course will be able to deliver the books to the schools themselves, this gives the potential opportunity for a nice photo and some great local PR for both the school and sponsor.

I will be promoting this programme quite heavily to anyone that will listen, any sponsor is going to get significant word of mouth promotion from me for months and months!

Last but not least, each sponsor will get a nice warm fuzzy feeling that they have done something really positive for their local community, and it didn’t cost them the earth to do it. A win/win for everyone involved.

Some of the companies that have already sponsored include Epicor Software (UK), Outstanding Branding, ModComms Ltd, Optichrome Printing, TechTarget, Berkeley PR, and Red Letter Days. They have all been fantastically supportive of my programme, between them more than 70 books have already been donated to schools in the UK. More on those companies in future posts…


How to become a ‘Books for Schools’ sponsor

You can become a sponsor in a number of ways – you can email me at mustangscottie@sky.com and we can get things rolling (I can give you an invoice for the amount your organisation is willing to sponsor), or you can purchase directly from my website and pay by PayPal.



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