Not one, but TWO books are launched this week!

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Many people dream of having a book published. For thousands of people, finally seeing their own thoughts and words reproduced in a nice shiny book is a dream. A large number manage it, but an even larger number don’t for a number or reasons. This week (the 15th to be precise), I have not one, but two books launched to the world.

Greedy, I know.

The two books in question are part of a new series of mini-history books from The History Press entitled ‘5 Minute Histories’. As the name suggests they are short books aimed at people that are new to the subject – in this case The First World War – that give the reader a brief but informative look at a specific area of the conflict. Each book looks at a diiferent sub-section, the two books I have written in the series are ‘First World War Battles’ and ‘First World War Weapons’.

In 5 Minute Histories: First World War Weapons I provide brief but (hopefully) informative and engaging narrative on the main weapon groups of the war, including machine-guns, gas, fighter planes, tanks, armoured cars, trench weapons such as grenade and of course, the daddy of them all: artillery.

In 5 Minute Histories: First World War Battles I cover the pivotal battles of the First World War. In this book I try and paint a picture of the great infantry battles of the war such as Verdun, Mons, Somme, Ypres etc in a consice and engaging way. I try not to get bogged down in too much detail (these books are aimed squarely at people who do not read a lot of history books) and have tried to write it in a more engaging way.

Each book is sprinkled with eye-witness accounts and ‘did you know’ factiods that try and bring the books to life.

They are short books, but they will take more than five minutes to read! They are priced at £5 each for the paperback and can be purchased from Amazon

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