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It gives me enormous pleasure to bring to your attention a very special WW1 Centenary project that has just been officially launched: The Big Picture.

The Big Picture is a large scale public video and projection project designed to inspire the population not just of Britain, but across all of Europe and beyond by commemorating the 100 year anniversary of the First World War in a truly unique and breathtaking way.

Video graphics, animations, infographics and other imagery will be projected directly upon some of Europe’s most iconic buildings throughout the centenary period. The immense size of these projections will literally stop traffic! By combining the traditional themes of Remembrance with contemporary design techniques such as infographics and data visualisation The Big Picture will offer a truly unique and inspiring way for the general public to reflect and commemorate the First World War.


Mock up of Parliament with WW1 period poster projection

Mock up of Parliament with WW1 period poster projection


It’s not just about commemoration and reflection though. Educational graphics will use important statistics of the war which will also offer the public a great opportunity to engage, learn and form their own opinions of what happened one hundred years ago. We want people to stop what they are doing. We want people to gawp with open mouths at these graphics. We want people to start discussing them with their friends and family right in the middle of the street, whether they are in London, Manchester, Paris, Munich or Vienna. We want these graphics to make an impact, to make people stop and think and to inspire them to want to find out more.

Projecting WW1 related imagery and video onto building such as the Houses of Parliament, Big Ben, Marble Arch, the Arc de Triomphe, the Brandenburg Gate etc is one thing. An amazing thing. But this project doesn’t stop there. If the dreams of the project makers are made, then billboards, bus-stops, underground stations, railway platforms will all be transformed into living commemorations too. It promises to be big. Very big.


Mock up of Parliament with infographics projection

Mock up of Parliament with infographics projection


The Big Picture will run throughout the centenary years from August 2014 and is being led and put together by a bunch of clever visual tech chaps in London who run a company called The Colour Project. I am honoured to say they have asked me to help them make this project a reality, to which I will do all I can as I believe this could be very special indeed.

For more information on this remarkable WW1 centenary project please visit the dedicated website: This is a very expensive and time consuming project for all involved, and although there is some funding available from the European Commission for Culture, it may not cover everything we want to do. We are looking for corporate sponsorship to be part of something incredible. We are confident that this project will get masses of press attention (it’s not every day Big Ben will be covered in WW1 infographics!) and will be a positive business investment for any organisation that is associated with the project. If you or your company are interested, then either let me know directly or get in touch with the guys at The Colour Project through the website or via their twitter feed @BigPictureWW1


Bus stop graphic mock up

Bus stop graphic mock up

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