RBL Donation Update: October and November Sales of ‘Heroes of The Line’

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Today I have added the donations from the October and November sales of my  ‘Heroes of The Line’ e-book.

As a reminder, the target for the book is to raise £1500 by the end of 2018 (during the WW1 centenary years), if I can get up to £50 per month from sales then that will be fantastic. I will donate £1 from each sale – this represents 66% of profits from the book. Below is a running total of donations so far:


Donation from September 2013 sales – £41 

Donation from October 2013 sales – £12

Donation from November sales -£13


Sales have been a bit slow to be honest, which is a shame because I want to raise loads of cash for the Royal British Legion – so if you are reading this and haven’t yet downloaded the e-book then please do so at the link below

To see the dedicated Heroes of The Line donations page – visit www.justgiving.com/heroesoftheline

A MASSIVE THANK YOU to everyone who has downloaded the ebook so far and contributed to this donation. Let’s spread the word and try and get 50 sold this month!!

Download Heroes of The Line now and raise cash for a great charity!


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