First World War Fact Book now available in paperback!

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I am delighted to announce that my latest book ‘The First World War Fact Book’ is now available not just in Kindle format, but also as a paperback. The fact book holds 1,568 facts on the war and is split into many different sections such as the war in the air, the war at sea, infantry battles, casualties and remembrace. Each major belligerant has their own section too.

The book stores are certainly not awash with WW1 fact books, so I hope this one fills a little gap in the market and helps school kids and adults alike learn a few snippets about a war that can seem very daunting and complicated to digest.

The paperback is available on Amazon as follows: priced at $8.99 priced at £7.99

Of course, the book is still available in Kindle format too, from it is priced at £2.98 and on it is $4.86 

If you want a sneak preview of some of the facts that are inside the book, have a look at the below SlideShare presentation which shows 50 facts, all taken from the book. If it doesn’t load properly in the page, you can see it in its full glory on here.

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