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I have recently had a small run of my latest kindle book, Heroes of The Line printed in paperback version primarily to help get some reviews of the book by websites, newspapers, magazines, bloggers etc.

In 2009 I cycled the Western Front (550miles) in order to raise cash for the Royal British Legion. I rode with a friend of mine, we rode completely un-aided, there was no support vehicle, we were woefully under-prepared, I was hopelessly under-trained and generally we were a bit naive  about the whole thing.

During the trip I got knocked off my bike by the oldest man alive, I also passed out in a puddle. We cycled over mountains, past ski resorts, had an argument with a man who sold cheese and suffered various bicycle malfunctions. It was certainly an adventure.

During the trip I kept a diary, Heroes of The Line is a mixture of this diary and the stories of a few soldiers who fought and died on the Western Front. Their stories are much more worthy than our little bike ride, and If I could I would have written about all of them, sadly that is simply impossible, so I had to be content with eight men.

Heroes of the Line WW1 Book The book is on sale on Amazon as a Kindle book, priced at £2.49. For every sale £1 goes to the Royal British Legion, this e-book continues where the cycle ride left off raising money for a great charity.

In an effort to raise the profile and bang the drum for this book, I am looking for some people to read and review the book on their blogs or in magazine and other websites, so If you are a book reviewer for a newspaper, magazine, website, or blog and think that this book  would be of interest to your readership then let me know and I can send you a paperback version of the book for you to read and review!!! Email me at


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