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Here at Research Towers, we are delighted to announce a new update to our popular The Great War 100 app.

This new update sees 27 infographics added covering two different subjects: Tanks and (fittingly) The Armistice. Those of you who have already downloaded the app onto your phone or tablet will find the new images added automatically – just go in and have a look at the new images. We hope you like them and find them of interest. It is another step along our vision of telling the story of the First World War through infographics.

if you are new to our app, then you can purchase it for £1.49 whether you are an iOS or Android user. Simply search for ‘The Great War 100’ in either the Apple App Store, or Google’s Marketplace. Alternatively for more information on the app, view this page

Below is one example from the new set of graphics that have been uploaded.


Genesis - WW1 Tank Infographic

Genesis – WW1 Tank Infographic

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