Some People are Just Sick – WW2 Veteran’s Medals Stolen

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I read today with utter disgust the sad tale of the 91 year old WW2 sailor who has had his medals stolen from his family home.

Great Granddad John Robson found on Monday that his medals were stolen, just a matter of weeks before the nation
(or at least most of the nation) stops to remember the sacrifice John and many other sailors, soldiers and airmen like him endured in 2 world wars and other conflicts.

John served as a gunner on various ships including the F-Class Destroyer HMS Fortune. Judging by the picture that accompanies the story, the medals in question are The War Medal 1939-1945, The Pacific Star with Burma Clasp, The Atlantic Star with France and Germany Clasp, The Africa Star with un-identified clasp and the 1939-1945 Star.

If anyone has any information relating to this crime please let the Tyneside Police know.

Hopefully they will be caught and the medals re-united with their rightful owner, however I fear these medals are probably already on ebay or in some kind of pawn brokers or second hand store. If caught, the ignorant f**kers who did this should be forced to do a few stints clearing mines in Afghanistan.


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