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I write this particular blog post from a hotel room somewhere in central Stockholm. It has been a long but memorable day… I have been hosting a number of business partners at the Imperial War Museum. To be honest the whole event was a bit of an indulgence to my own taste, it could have been hosted at any old hotel in London but I have always wanted to run an event at the IWM so I grabbed the chance! To add to the military themes of the event I booked a very special guest speaker: Corporal Johnson Beharry VC.

I am not going to recount his story here, it is well known and well documented. you an not familiar with his VC action a quick Gogle search will soon right that wrong. No, I want to talk, briefly as I am knackered, about what a genuinely nice guy he is. Indeed a more humble, down to earth guy you couldn’t wish to meet. I had the pleasure of being able to speak with him at length before he delivered his speech (which was awe inspiring by the way-if you need a motivational speaker for a corporate event, you could do a lot worse than hire Johnson). We talked about his life before, during and after his VC action, and we talked t about a new charity he is in the process of launching as well as a totally ludicrous idea of a charity trek to Grenada which he is thinking of putting together which will involve a lot of pedalling and an obscene amount of rowing….

It may well be that cycling the line part deux which had to postponed due me having a buggered back might rise like a Phoenix from the flames in the spring of 2013 in a bid to raise a bit of cash for Johnson’s new charity. We may even (and it is by no means confirmed yet but he was keen!) be able tempt Johnson to cycle the first leg of the trip with us. Which, quitefrankly, would be epic beyond description.

After delivering his speech he hung around and chatted to many members of the audience, posed for umpteen photos and showed everyone his medals. He signed 2 books for me, 1 was his book and the other was a general book on VC winners. He signed his book with a nice message but signed the VC book with just his name and positioned it at the very top of the title page. He then offered to take my book with him on his next VC reunion and get the other VC winners to sign the same page he has. Honestly, how cool is that? He didn’t have  to do that, I never asked him to do that but that just goes to show what a genuinely top guy he was; not arrogant, not full of himself, just a normal bloke who just happened to have a very special story to tell…

A proper hero…

Talking to Johnson Beharry VC at IWM

Talking to Johnson Beharry VC at IWM


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  • PatriciaAnneInnamorati

    tricia..We had the honour of talking to this remarkable young man at the National Arboretum when he c arried the Olympic torch. He was so patient while people took photos of him. I have a lovely phot of him with my 5 year old granddaughter. What a privelidge  it was to meet this hero.

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