Britain plans 3-day tribute to mark WW1 centenary

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According to a recent article in The Sun, Britain will hold three special days of remembrance to mark the centenary of World War One,

The days that have been pencilled in are:  4th August, 2014 (centenary of the beginning of the war), 1st July, 2016 (centenary of the 1st day of the battle of the Somme), and November 11, 2018 — breaking with tradition that only the ends of wars are celebrated.

The triple tribute is part of early preparations being closely overseen by David Cameron which will focus on “remembrance, youth and education”.

Very welcome news, I am sure you will all agree… Let’s just hope that these days, and indeed the whole run up to the centenary is carried out with dignity and used to remember the past correctly;  to educate people, (especially kids) about what happened and why it happened, rather than becoming a cheap PR stunt for politicians….

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