‘Walking’ Soldier May Lose Insurance Claim.

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Now this has made me angry.

Private Dave Tatlock is a soldier in the British Army, a couple of years ago he was blown up on active duty and told by his doctors he would never walk again. I suppose it was a good thing he took out special insurance with a company called Abacus before he went on tour in Afghanistan. The 25 grand he would get if he was injured on active service would certainly help.

If you happened to watch the Carling Cup Final earlier this season you may have seen this young chap as it was him who carried the cup onto the Wembley turf infront of 80,000 respectful supporters.

Seems though, that some eagle eyed mother-fucker from Abacus also clocked Pte. Tatlock walking on to the pitch that day, and as a result this anonymous piece of shit called up the rehab centre where he is learning to walk again to say that his insurance claim is being put under review because he has been seen walking. He/she didn’t even have the guts to tell Pte Tatlock to his face.

Now, I am not against insurers (my best man is in the insurance trade – and he is a fine fellow!). But when a lifelong Manchester United fan is invited to Wembley as a small token of appreciation for what he has recently been through, and then is at risk of losing a big insurance payout because some little jobsworth low life thinks it is big and clever to try and stop the insurance claim – I think this is out of order.

Whoever you are little insurance person, you are nothing compared to Pte Tatlock. I hope you are proud of what you have done. Maybe a 6 month tour of the front line would wake you up to realities of what these guys have to go through..


Read the full story here.

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