A new fundraising idea for the Royal British Legion

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While cycling home today I had an idea for a new fundraising idea for the Royal British Legion, which I would like your feedback on. Some of you may remember my Cycling the Line trek last November which I did with my good buddy Steve, well, while I want to do some more fundraising for the Legion this year, I am going to give my back and knees a rest from the bike for a while. So, this year my thought is a charity auction, to take place on November 11th with all proceeds going to the Legion.

The loose plan is that I talk to a friendly auction house (someone like Bosely’s) and see if they are willing to host a charity auction and then set about convincing people to put some stuff up for auction. I am thinking celebrities could offer some signed photo’s or other stuff, and as this is a military themed auction I was going to contact medal collectors and dealers that I know to contribute odd medal or other piece of militaria they no longer need in their collection to the auction. I have other contacts that I can talk to about other stuff military – uniforms, hollywood props and other stuff, plus contacts in the media and publishing where I may be able to get some interesting things for the auction.

So there is my plan. What do you think? Realistic or fanciful and naive? Do you think I will get enough pieces for the auction, do you have any ideas/contacts/advice. I would like to try to raise a similar amount to what we raised last year on the cycle ride – that being about £3500. So I am probably looking at 100 – 150 lots…

I would be very interested to hear/read your thoughts..

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  • forthefallen

    Seems like an excellent idea and one which, I’m sure will be appreciated by the Royal British Legion. You may need to try and get a lot of publicity for the auction, particularly if that is all the Auction House will get out of the event. Definitely worth a fax or email to radio and TV stations, newspapers, etc. If you can get national coverage so much the better. Perhaps the RBL press people can lend a hand here.

    I’m sure there must be plenty of militaria collectors who would be prepared to dip into their collections to find a lot or two for such a worthy cause. Please keep us informed of developments on Twitter/Facebook. Certainly worth a post on the Great War Forum, too.

  • mcfinder

    Thank you for your feedback, I agree the press would be key for this – the GW forum is a great shout, I also think talking to Medal Magazine might work too…I think it might work, at least I am going to draw up a plan of action to work through feasibility..Scott

  • Paul McCormick

    Cracking idea Scott, Ill keep my eye out for something worth donating – I should also be able to get it featured in my (RAF) station magazine nearer the time, or get a few of my serving colleagues involved should you need any help promoting it?


  • Sarndra

    Celebrity auctions are always fun and popular! I love the idea. Just have to think really hard about what you want and who from! Be choosy 🙂

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