Should ‘The Enemy’ be invited to WW1 memorial service?

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 Thousands upon thousands of British soldiers have given their lives to defeat Germany in both World Wars, so at first it does seem a little odd that German representatives could be invited to a future national memorial celebration of WW1. But, take a minute to think of the wider picture. Think of your family ancestors who fought in WW2 and WW1. Were they German haters? No. Did they want to kill as many Germans as possible? No. But, were they fighters? Yes. Were they proud to defend their country against evil? Yes.

And here is my point, the ordinary soldier, regardless of what side they are on are not haters, they are fighters. They didn’t start the war, they didn’t want to kill, but they did their duty to the best of their ability. The fact is war is started by politicians and finished by ordinary people on both sides who don’t want to kill anyone. When you think of it like this it actually makes me ask the question – why weren’t they invited before? If they were it perhaps it would have helped to reduce the tension that still exists between some factions of each country’s youth.

So lets invite them, and welcome them with open arms…

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  • worldwar1letters

    Well said. Especially since those who served on both sides have now almost entirely passed away.

  • historyjunkie88

    I agree with “worldwar1letters”. We should welcome the Germans because they same as the Americans,British, and French, were fighting for their country. Now does that necessarily mean they were all Nazis? No, of course not. They might have not shared the same views but they still fought for their country and were pobably proud to die for it. Love the article. Very well said.

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