Should a 90 year old man be sent to prison for something that happened 65 years ago?

 In WW2

I know this is predominantly a WW1 blog, but I posted this question on a Linkedin Forum earlier this week and it sparked huge debate, so I thought it would be good to get the views of people who were not necessarily on LinkedIn.

A former German infantry commander has been jailed for life for his role in the killing of 14 civilians in an Italian village during World War II.

A Munich state court found 90-year-old Josef Scheungraber guilty of ordering the killings, in what was one of the last Nazi crimes trials in Germany.

Scheungraber had previously been sentenced in absentia by an Italian military court to life in prison.

The killings took place in Falzano di Cortona, in Tuscany, on 26 June 1944. An attack by partisans killed an NCO and a private. Scheungruber and the commander of the battalion gave an order to retaliate, which was carried out on the same day. Initially, a 74-year-old woman and three men were shot dead on a street at random by soldiers. Then, eleven men were captured and taken to the ground floor of a farmhouse in the village of Falzano di Cortona. The house was then dynamited, killing ten men who were 16 – 66 years of age.
Read the full story on the BBC website

What do you think of this? Should a 90 year old man be jailed for something he did in 1944, or should we just forgive him in an effort to stop dredging up the past? Were the Allies whiter than white during the same conflict or are we guilty of hypocrisy?

Your views are welcomed!

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